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Poster Templates

EASL encourages you to use the poster templates provided (valid for paper and electronic posters, read more info below)

If your abstract is accepted, you will be required to:

  • Design your poster
  • Submit an electronic version via the online EASL poster platform.

EASL offers:

  • Free printing of accepted paper poster
  • Free delivery to the Amsterdam RAI venue
  • Free hanging and display of abstract in the poster board area
  • Free publishing of your ePoster on the LiverTree™

Deadline for Posters submission is 27 March 2017.

Deadline for ePosters submission is 7 April 2017.

Please note that posters submitted after 27 March 2017 will not be printed nor delivered to the venue.

All authors are required to use the EASL online poster platform to submit their poster to benefit from the free printing, delivery, and hanging. Authors will be able to recover their poster at the end of their presentation day from 18:00 to 18:30. All unremoved posters will be dismantled and destroyed by onsite staff after 18:30.

Poster board size: 140 cm wide x 90 cm high (Landscape format only).

Please ensure that your poster does not exceed the stated size.

EASL encourages you to use the poster templates provided (valid for paper posters and electronic posters). Please note:

  • Paperboard format (All posters submitted before March 27th will be printed and shipped directly to the venue where they will be displayed on poster boards on their attributed day)
  • Each poster will be on display for 1 day only. Poster presenters will need to check the online programme and the poster identification number (the first 3 letters indicate the day of the presentation. e.g. THU-0001 = Thursday, board number 1).
  • Presenters are required to stand next to their posters during the designated lunch-time as well as during the morning and afternoon coffee breaks, for informal discussions, on their scheduled day.
  • All posters will be removed by the end of the day on which they are scheduled to be presented. Authors are invited to remove them from poster boards between 18:00-18:30. All unremoved posters will be dismantled and destroyed by onsite staff after 18:30.

Submission of the poster in electronic format (ePoster) is mandatory. Submitters of accepted abstracts will receive a notification by 25 January 2017 providing guidelines and instructions relating to ePoster preparation and presentation.

EASL encourages you to use the poster templates provided (valid for paper posters and electronic posters).

Your electronic poster will be available for continuous viewing throughout the Congress in the mobile application, on the LiverTree and on dedicated terminals. Note that you will not be allowed to display your paper poster if you have not submitted your ePoster format prior to the Congress.

You may be asked by a delegate using the ILC 2017 Congress app to participate to a ‘face-to-face’ meeting with him to talk about your research and findings through the ePoster connect.

How do I know if I am part of the oral ePoster session or poster tour?

For both sessions, EASL office will inform you by email of your selection for presentation in the session by the end of March 2017.

How will I know if my poster has been awarded ‘Best Poster’?

One poster will be awarded to Young Investigators for each of the 6 ILC specialties shown below.  You will be notified by the EASL Office ahead of the Congress. Onsite, the awarded paper posters will be clearly marked allowing delegates to identify the ‘Best Posters’.


Instructions for the preparation of posters

  • Use of templates is not mandatory. Presenters are free to submit their own designs and colour schemes.
  • Posters may be prepared on one sheet (preferred method) or alternatively on several smaller sheets.
  • It is recommended that your poster be 140 cm wide x 90 cm high (Landscape Style)
  • The following sections should appear in clearly differentiated blocks:
    • Title of the poster on the top of the poster
    • 1st author and other authors with institution below the title
    • Introduction and objectives
    • Methods
    • Results and Conclusions
    • References/Bibliography/Acknowledgments
  • Provide clear labels and headings for each section of your presentation to avoid confusion.
  • The text, illustrations, etc should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters, we recommend the following layout:
    • Title between 80 and 100 pt
    • Institutions: between 30 and 36 pt
    • Text: 36-40 pt; please use dark text colours on a light background or vice-versa
    • References / bibliography: 24 – 30 pt
  • Images, pictures and graphs – the suggested resolution is 300 dpi or higher. To check that they appear correctly in the final version, zoom in to 200% and check all images, pictures, and graphs. It is better to use high quality images and graphs when creating the poster.
  • Posters can be submitted in ppt or pdf format
  • For all posters submitted on time on the platform, a discreet band at the bottom will be added, measuring 4 cm containing the poster number, the abstract submission topic and 1st author, the sponsor’s name and the poster printer logo.

Below is an example of how your poster should be formatted.


If you need support, please contact us at:


In 2017, EASL will again offer both paper and electronic (ePosters) posters for presentation. Paper posters will be displayed from Thursday to Saturday, while ePosters will be made available via ePoster terminals in the congress hall, in the ILC mobile app and online on the LiverTree™.

All accepted authors are required to prepare their paper poster and submit ePosters via the online portal by 27 March 2017. EASL will offer

  • Free printing of accepted paper posters
  • Free delivery to the Amsterdam RAI venue
  • Free hanging and display of abstracts in the poster board area
  • Free publishing of your ePoster on the LiverTree™.

Authors will be able to keep their poster by removing it from the poster board between 18:00 and 18:30 on the day when the poster is displayed.

Authors who do not comply with the deadline should print their poster, deliver and hang it by their own means at the congress centre. Onsite printing will be available at the presenters’ expenses.

EASL will also be providing increased opportunities for you to interact with attendees and to gain added exposure for your research through ePoster connect.

What will be on offer in 2017?

EASL will present the latest scientific data in the field on boards in the Exhibition (Hall 1) from 08:00-18:00 on:

  • Thursday 20 April
  • Friday 21 April
  • Saturday 22 April

Paper posters will change every day, so visit each day to see the new data on display! There will be approximately 500 poster boards to view.

An entire row of poster boards will be dedicated to late-breaker abstract data. These will be on display from Thursday to Saturday and will not change.

Poster presenters are encouraged to be present next to their board during the breaks for discussions with delegates.

Authors will be able to keep their poster by removing it from the poster board between 18:00 and 18:30 on the day when the poster is displayed.

Throughout the congress week, electronic posters will be accessible on plasma screens in the registration area (Hall 2) from Wednesday 19 April to Sunday 23 April, and in the exhibition area (Hall 1) from Thursday 20 April to Saturday 22 April.

Each poster presenter is required to submit an electronic version of their paper poster.

Unlike the paper posters which are only displayed on one day, all ePosters are available every day, Wednesday 19 April to Sunday 23 April, on multiple screens throughout the congress venue, and simultaneously in the congress mobile app and on the LiverTree™.

Congress attendees will be able to meet poster presenters through ePoster connect!


Delegates are encouraged to use the ILC 2017 congress app to submit requests to poster authors. Arrange a ‘face-to-face’ meeting with any poster author to talk about research and findings.

Poster presenters and delegates will meet in in the registration area (Hall 2) for a discussion around the ePoster of interest. Other congress delegates will be able to see when such meetings are scheduled and can join in at the assigned ePoster station in the registration area.

Look for ePoster connect on your app!

ilc2017-oral-poster-sessionsOral ePoster sessions (lasting from 30 min to 1h each) provide additional visibility to selected presenters in various categories.

There will be three different Oral ePoster sessions to attend on 3 consecutive days during coffee and lunch breaks.

Sessions will take place in the 4 pods in the paper poster area, Exhibition area (Hall 1) during coffee and lunch breaks on Thursday 20 April, Friday 21 April, and Saturday 22 April. Oral ePoster sessions are provided in a very informal set-up allowing you to come and go as you please. Each selected poster will be presented for 6 mins by their author, followed by questions from the audience.

During lunch and coffee breaks, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) guides will tour the Poster area (Hall 1) with a group of 30 delegates to showcase 3-4 paper posters and discuss them with the respective presenters.

Different tours will be scheduled, allowing 2-3 tours per break. Tour topics, tour guides and selected posters will be posted on this webpage in February 2017.

Choose which tour you want to be part of and join in!

To join a tour, come to the meeting point corresponding to the tour in front of the poster help desk (Hall 1) at the beginning of the break and take one of the 30 headsets available. Headsets must be returned to the Poster help desk or given to a poster hostess at the end of each tour.

Poster area – HALL 1

Open to the public:

Thursday 20 April08:00-18:00
Friday 21 April
Saturday 22 April


Open to presenters:

Poster help deskThursday to Saturday08:00-18:30
Presenter poster collection (presenters can collect their poster at the end of their presentation day from their poster board if they wish).Thursday to Saturday18:00-18:30