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ILC Recognition Awardees 2006-2016

Every year at the annual EASL meeting, EASL acknowledges the major scientific contributions of scientists in the field of liver research.

The EASL Governing Board selects nominees and recipients receive their awards in the presence of the liver community during the annual EASL meeting.
The first EASL Recognition Awards ceremony was held during the 41st Annual Meeting in Vienna in 2006. The two recipients perfectly illustrated the goals of the association in creating this new award: bright, active scientists who had provided major advances in science, knowledge, clinical care and teaching in their own field of expertise; recognised and admired worldwide for their accomplishments. To this day, EASL is proud to continue to honour the men and women who write the history of Hepatology through presenting the EASL Recognition Awards.
See the list of Recognition Awardees below.
Who will be nominated to receive an EASL Recognition Award at The International Liver CongressTM 2017?
Join us in Amsterdam to find out!

Recognition Awardees 2006 – 2016

Barcelona – 2016

Vienna – 2015

London – 2014

Amsterdam – 2013

Barcelona – 2012

Berlin – 2011

Vienna – 2010

Copenhagen – 2009

Milan – 2008

Barcelona – 2007

Vienna – 2006

YI Awards

The Young Investigator Concerted Action Group (YI-CAG) introduced a new yearly award specifically dedicated for young fellows in Vienna 2015.
Every year, the EASL Governing Board and YI-CAG selects YI awardees based on their international liver research achievements to-date.

YI awardees, ILC 2016
YI awardees, ILC 2015

Application for the YI Award is made during the abstract submission process.
Awardees are acknowledged during General Session 3 at The International Liver CongressTM in Amsterdam in front of thousands of liver experts. They will also present their submitted abstract at the corresponding parallel session at the ILC.
Additionally, awardees will receive a cash prize to be handed out in Amsterdam. In order to qualify, awardees must be present in Amsterdam.
Awardees will also be invited to publish a review in the Journal of Hepatology, provided that:

  • The Awardee (or their mentor) has not published a similar review recently
  • There is no similar review in production in the Journal of Hepatology
  • The article stands up to peer review.

Note: a minimum of 3 original articles in a journal with an impact factor of 6 or more is required for either first or last author.

Application for the Young Investigator Award is exclusively open to active EASL members, both clinicians, and basic scientists.
Selection of YI Awardees will be made by the end of January 2017.

Young Investigator Award application checklist

The EASL YI Award is a yearly award specifically dedicated to young fellows. Below, you will find the major key points and rules to prepare your application for the YI award.

Do you qualify?

  • You are 40 years old or younger
  • You are an EASL Member
  • You have a minimum of 3 publications as 1st or last author in a journal with an impact factor of 6 or more
  • You submit an abstract to ILC 2017

Information to provide:

  • EASL membership number
  • Birth date
  • H-Index
  • Number of publication in Pubmed
  • Total number of citations

Documents to provide:

  • Letter of reference
  • CV of 3 pages or less

Requirements, if awarded:

  • I agree to present my accepted abstract in the corresponding parallel session in Amsterdam, April 2017
  • I accept to participate at the General Session 3 Award Ceremony in Amsterdam on Saturday 22 April 2017
  • I accept to publish a review in the Journal of Hepatology (restrictions may apply).